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Camp Olympus is excited to return to unleash your inner god once again in 2024!

A word from Zooz

About the camp

In 2016, event producer Robert Lawson and world explorer Brian Gillis sat down at a coffee shop and pondered what might make an extraordinary camp. They saw visions of ancient scholars, imperial baths, saucy bacchanals... and at that moment, Olympus was born.At Olympus, we celebrate the balance of the wild with the comfortable. We relish in earthly delights and fantastical play. And most of all, we invite our community to explore the best versions of themselves.Olympus became part of the Mooncheese x Crossroads village community in 2019, before taking a hiatus and returning in 2024. The camp is evolving by bringing theatrical antics to the Burn, welcoming our identity as a queer camp, and exploring new ways of gifting with food and interactive spaces.

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